1.1.2 works fine for me

I’ve tried 1.1.2 on several dvds and so far its worked fine. The picture has definitely improved now that I can eliminate unwanted sound tracks.
Next up on the wish list eliminate unwanted sub-titles.
Also incorporate a ripper into DVD2One.
And since I’m asking for everything why not include a burning software too.:bow:

Originally posted by Plexor
Next up on the wish list eliminate unwanted sub-titles.
Also incorporate a ripper into DVD2One.

Subtitles do not take much place on a DVD, so why bother?

ReneB has said many times that DVD2one will have no ripper for obvious reasons. And why would somebody want to rip with DVD2one when there is a PERFECT program like DVDDecrypter? for that one extra buttonclick? I find that extremely exaggerated!


I tried to use 1.1.2 to back up a region 2 copy of “35th Anniversary Prisoner Companion”. I chose the ‘back up whole movie’ option, the disc only contains 1 language which I selected. I burnt the files to a Datawrite+R disc using an NEC 1100A writer, record now DX 4.6 was the software I used to burn the disc. When I put the disc in my Sony DVP-NS905V it froze after 10 seconds.

I then tried again, with 1.1.1, using exactly the same as above and it worked fine in the Sony.

I hope this information is of use to the DVD2One authors

The Incantation,
in case you haven’t noticed there are several DVD backup/copying program on the market with more and more popping up. Now ReneB can stand pat and refuse to make any changes to his program and watch his customers migrate to something bigger, faster and better OR he can read the suggestions posted in this forum and work to improve his program. Since we’re on v1.1.2 he’s obviously working to improve DVD2One. As for me I prefer to get the most bang for my buck. Right now that’s DVD2One. But soon DVDxCopy is coming out with their platinum version and if it is better (and all indications are that it will be) that’s where I’m taking my business and money. These are universal tenets of supply and demand.


Your statement of “More Bang for My Buck” is a contradiction in terms… You have already PAID for DVD2One and are prepared to spend even more money for the Platinum version of DVDXCopy Where is the logic in your thinking?

ReneB is NOT the author of DVD2One, he’s simply the guy who takes all the flack from people like you. However, he is a programmer in his own right.

Should 121 Software be lucky enough to win the multi billion dollar lawsuit bought against them, they may survive a while longer in the software business. If they lose, where will you go for your patches and updates? DVDXCopy will be extinct!

Better the devil you know…

I don’t think DVD21 should migrate to adding all of these ‘pick-and-choose features’ since there are now so many other software choices available at far less the price. DVD21 should stick to what it is best known for: copying only the movie/soundtrack, very quickly with the fewest number of mouse ‘clicks’. If there are improvements to be made, it should be better PQ of the larger files sizes without sacrificing too much of its speed advantage. I believe that if DVD21 is to survive, it must carve out a niche and stick to it (in other words… specialize at one or two things and be the very best at it).

I agree with monomer. If the DVD2One team can improve the visual quality just a hair in movie only mode with 6.5 gb+ movies and keep the size around 4.37gb then it would be in a class by itself.

I second that!!

Dvd2one IS the most awesome program around… I just love it…


So if you have something, oh let’s say a computer, that you paid a couple of thousand dollars (or whatever currency you use),
and you have a chance to upgrade it, to add new features, or buy a new one to have access to better features that your old computer doesn’t have like faster AGP, P4 processor, USB 2.0, faster memory bus or whatever you’ll just stick to what you have
because that makes more sense right?

So what if you can’t play the latest version of quake on your current computer because you don’t have the latest video or sound card, you’ll stick with your old computer because that is more “logical.”

Let me ask you another question. If a friend asked you which version of windows they should install on a computer they’re building which version would you recommend: Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Xp? They’re all basically the same program right? But each version is slightly better than the next right? Each version has more features than the next right? Why do you think Bill Gates made improvements to WIN95? Why did he make improvements to WIN98? Because as good as those products were they weren’t good enough and people asked for improvements. Bill Gates could have ignored his customers (some people say he did anyway) and watch all his customers convert into mac users or he could listen and try to incorporate as many improvements as he could.

But spending less than $100 to buy another piece of software that does a better job (hypothetically) than the software I’m using now doesn’t make sense?

As for ReneB I’m not attacking him and “The Incantation” referred to him in a way as to suggest he is author. I think WHOEVER the author is, has done a wonderful job with DVD2one but there’s always room for improvement. If there wasn’t we’d all still be using commodore 64s.


Before you go off and buy ‘Platinum’ - assuming it ever sees the light of day - have a little browse around their [321] forum…

The old adage: ‘Would you buy a second hand car…’ rather springs to my mind. :wink:

Good luck, anyway. Don’t forget to come back and let us know what it’s like - seriously.



The author of DVD2One is Erwin van den Berg.

The rule of Supply and Demand is paramount with any product.

I still use a Commodore 64, as do many thousands of other people, especially those in the music and advertising business.

Constructive criticism of a positive nature is welcomed by the DVD2One team… The “Do this or I’ll buy elsewhere” negative attitude does precisely nothing to encourage the developer to further enhance his software.

To quote Phil Thomas from a previous thread: “DVD2One does exactly what it say’s on the tin”. I totally agree with him.

Nuff said.

i do own dxc. and it works just like dvd2one: it gets the job done but it has flaws. i visit that forum as i often as i visit this forum and people who use it are constantly asking for improvements.

you say “dvd2one does exactly what is says on the tin.”
well there are thousands of posts on this forum that say otherwise.

If you guys want to stick with dvd2one no matter what I won’t knock you for it that’s brand loyalty and there’s nothng wrong with it. But don’t knock me for wanting something better.

Oh and by the way I believe the author probably agrees with me about improving his product or he wouldn’t have released 1.1.1 and then 1.1.2.

Perhaps the term “Pressurised” more adequately describes the actions of the author in releasing more versions!!!

Given the number of copies sold worldwide I would estimate that less than 1% are dissatisfied with DVD2One.

Greed does seems to play a prominent role by some users of this forum.

That’s more than enough from me regarding this particular thread.