1.1.1 Problem copying 1:1

I copied 1:1 the Godfather bonus disk and the process was successful. However when Itry to playback the disk on my dvd player some submenus do not play and I cannot choose chapters. Any ideas?

Burning Programm ?

Nero with a SONY DRU-500AX on TDK DVD-R

Forget it, use Stomp / Orlix Record Now Max 4.5 with PSX Engine Update.

Close Wizard, Select Data, right Mouse,
on DVD Option

use TAO closed und UDF (without Joliet)

dont forget AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS Folder to select your Data

Burn, will work 100 %

RNM copies PS2 Games without Problems !!

or use Pinnacle Instant Copy V7 !!! to encode Movie

don’t ever mention IC again, what a total shit programm!!
many bugs and very slow…

Ok where can I find this burning soft?


I’ve mentioned this before. You have to define what’s wrong with IC in support of your slagging off. You cannot just bad mouth something something without evidence.
Yes, it’s slow, but if you check the technical reviews you’ll see that a chunk of that extra time is spent on video evaluation.
This may not be important to you, and time, rather than quality, may be of the essence. If so, then fine - don’t use it.
But you are not entitled to be vituperative. Try and be calm and keep an even tenor on the forum.

There now, I’ve given you my reasons for deleting your post the next time you do this.


I tried the RecordNow Max 4.5 but it didn’t work!!!

Searching around I found that the original disc includes 32 files while the output of dvd2one has only 30 missing 2 VOB files. Does anybody knows why DVD2ONE didn’t include those 2 VOBs?

probably due to the compression, vob files should be max 1gig in size, if two vob-sets were compressed under 1gig total you have two files less. It´s not the files themselves that are compressed but the video data contained in them, but if I remember correctly the filesize limit for UDF is 1gig. Therefore movies are divided into several files instead of one huge single chunk.
example: If you had 2 title sets of 1.1 gig before the compression process you had 4 files (2 1 gig and 2 100meg). If both title sets get compressed to less than 1gig each you have 2 files less.

So what you are actually say is that maybe after compression some VOB have been included to othe VOBs because have been compressed and do not exceed the 1gb. Is that right?

If it is, then means that there is no prob that those 2 files are missing because they have been included in other vob’s. Correct?

However, if that’s the case, why the burned DVD-R does not play? (see 1st post).