this morning Plextools advided me to download 1.08 firmware for my 716
well… writing on Verbatim certified 16x seems the same no improvement
start at 5.6, middle of the bar 12x, end 15.6 time 5.45 (nero)


A pity the changelog doesn’t get shown when updating that way :slight_smile:

I’m hoping for a 16x strategy for Philips 16x +R and full 16x CAV for Sony 16x +R instead of that silly Z-CAV that is still used.


Thanks for info orsom!
Well let’s see if there are some improvements!
Here’s the link for the .bin file Fw.1.08


You telling that firmware 1.08 is out ?

I too have the same problem with the verbatim 16x +R. Bought 2 spindles of 50 dvd+r 16x. The 1st spindle burned all of them at 16x. The second spindle barelly reaches 12x.

With firmware 1.06 I use to burn Ritek dvd+r dl with no problem, now I can only burn them with firmware 1.07 and like we know it doesnt burn with the same quality as 1.06 firm.
Is it the media or the firmware ? Use to burn the ritek with firm 1.06 now it give no seek error when burning with dvd decrypter. Now I can only burn with firm 1.07. What do u think media problem (we know ritek dl not big thing) or from my 716A TLA#0304.


And now is the .exe file officially released on plextor.be

  • BURNProof function for writing CD media
  • Write performance on DVD-R DL media

Fixed Bug:

  • A problem with transfer rate in Multi-Word DMA mode is resolved


Plextor Europe site now has PX-716A firmware 1.08, along with release notes:



Was hoping for a little more than that!!


@ crossg
Honestly, me too! :iagree:
I thought there would be writing improvements for dvd +r, -r, DL and cd media,
support for newer media etc…
But at least better than nothing!


Yes I just bought some FujiFilm 16x +R PHILLIPS C16 and it writes OK at 16x in my other burners 12x with the Plex is all, and with MCC 004 I still feel they could tweak the write Strat fot that as well. You would think that with P/R they wouldn’t have a problem with the newer 16x media. HWP mentioned another MID. Guess they are not listening to the customer or at least me because I sent them an email a couple of weeks ago regarding PHILLIPS C16.:wink:


THX for the info :smiley:


i had problems with the 1.07 and the new nforce 4 driver package 7.12.The Drive dont erase DVDrw discs.
Now the prob is solved with the 1.08.



Just to illustrate what i meant:


This graph shows a regular 16x CAV writing curve (6.7x-16.3x) and that Zone-CAV with a 6x-14x and 14.8-16.3 CAV curve.

I just checked with a Sony +R 16x disc (MID: D21 00) and it still uses the Z-CAV strategy. Shame on Plextor!

Also, Philips +R 16x (MID: C16 01) media are still limited to 12x with 1.08. I wonder why? The results at 12x are pretty good.


thx for the news…like crossg and others, i was hoping for a bit more…

testing to commence tonight or tomorrow…


i didn’t like the fact it doesn’t still supports my kodak media.


Not too bad…


First burn 716A with 1.08, Verbatim 8x MCC 004 Silvertop @12x.
Nero CD-DVD Speed v4.0.0

EDIT: The Verbatim Silvertops are 16x speed, not 8x :o


Total 28 PIF!? :o


Would like to do a burn with the new FW, but would also like to try the new Nero, Could be a while, my download speeds are usually around 500 Kbs.:rolleyes:
Nice burns guys.:slight_smile:


2nd burn, same media and burn speed.

OK, these are not full burns, but theyr good enough for me :bigsmile:


716a 1.08 test nero speed4.0 create data disk

media verbatim dvd-R 16x at 16x