1.07 v2 Dual Layer Bitsetting Beta 5



Another firmware is ready for you guys & dolls to test :bigsmile:

Newly added features:
Dual Layer Support

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Tested on the following standalone players:
Max Gear: OK
LiteOn LVD 2001: Doesn’t play

Support for the following media has been altered:


IS001002 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from Philips 081
PRODISC R02 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from PRODISC R03
AML 001 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from Philips 081
AML 002 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from Philips 081
BeAll000P40 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from Philips 081
BeAll000P80 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from Philips 081
GSC503 H01 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from Philips 081
GSC502 002 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from Philips 081

Have fun testing! Please keep in mind everything is on your own risk!!

Get it here:
Windows: http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2k5107v2b5dl.rar
DOS: http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2k5107v2b5dld.rar

Please post your results! Set the booktype with DVDInfoPro and burn with RecordNow Max!

Donations using Paypal are always welcome of course :slight_smile:


Oh Very Nice !


Thanks Herrie. Ill look at +RW now.


What DL media is “supported”?




Thank you, Herrie! :bow:

Is it right, that this one is based on HP 520n v2.21, which TDB released for the NEC already?
What are the main differences to the TDB release?



Also, any progress with the +RW issues on this firmware?


Just download the .RAR file: unpack it with WinRAR and run the .exe! RITEKG04 will work @ 8x in most of the cases!


Herrie! You is the BEST! Thank you!
Does Dual Layer really works? Is this firmware is HP 520-based one? What DL media is supported and what development has been done(and status of it) to make 4x Dual Layer write possible?


MKM 001


Based on HP 520i 2.21 (I actually received it earlier then TDB, but was too exited to post it ;))

It offers the usual media support (e.g. lots more media @ 8x :))

+RW still seems to have random issues :frowning:



I’m gonna check this one out soon.
Keep up the good work! :bow:



At first :bow: :smiley:

Is there a connection between the 2500@2510 firmware upgrade (inofficial) and this firmware? How did you manage to include dual layer support?


Herrie, does this mean that this drive (the 2500A) can burn dual layer media at 4x with good results? And what are the odds of bumping the speed up to 6x or 8x? I presume it would be really hard to do that and get good results…




This one is based on the HP 520i firmware which is actually quite similar to NEC’s 2510 firmware.

4x hasn’t been done yet. I’m trying to get it done, but might not be easy :frowning: I got the drive to recognise my media @ 8x, but burning at any speed higher then 2.4x gave me a “Power Calibration Error”. I’ll continue testing though :slight_smile:


Thx for this fast reply :bow:


Grand, i was just wondering why the DL discs were showing up @4x in your second screenshot.


Herrie Your a God Send :slight_smile: thankyou.

also i have no LED ot tray problems at all flash went perfectly in windows aswell :slight_smile:


cool I can’t wait to try it out :bow: