1.06 and verbatim 16x dvd-r's

I forget the media code for these things and i’m too lazy to look it up, but i was just wondering, is it normal to have very high PIE and very low pif for these? I burned at 16x, power rec on and i had less than 200 PIF’s but over 80k PIE with a max of 60 or so…

dvd-r dye is much nicer than dvd+r

for PIF’s it is important the max value not the sum, because in the spots with high spikes the disc can skip in DVD players…

i’m of the exact opposite opinion. -Rs burn like shit in my 716s relative to +Rs.

Me too.

@ Stoneburner, do you have the scans of the SUM1 and SUM8 tests for us so we can have a look? In the FAQ there is some info on how to read the results: What do these graphs mean, have I burned a “coaster”?

Also me

I’m of the same opinion most -R don’t burn as well as +R in my Plex and I have had some not great results with different TYG02 Fujifilm batches. Recenty I picked up 50 Taiyo Yuden Unbranded TYG02 and they have given me impressive results so far at higher burn speeds. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

So true, except at very sloooow speeds on mine (4X).

guess i’m not the only one :wink:

Here’s my pie scan, ill show the sum1 later

and I was referring to the color

never mind my pif was 1377 on the rescan. Very strange.

what was the peak?

in my experiences, the 716 writes -R with denser PIE/F than +R. peaks aren’t terrible by any means (still higher than +R) but the totals are way up there.

max was 2.

OKay, my results are in line with everybody elses. I still like the blue better than purple though.

whatever floats your boat :wink: :bigsmile: