1.05 or 1.06 or both?

Hi all,
So,… should we get 1.05 and 1.06 or just skip to 1.06 from 1.04?

You can go directly to the newest version.

if you plan to go from 1.04 to 1.06 there is no need for 1.05

So,…we won’t miss out by going from 1.04 skipping 1.05 to 1.06?
thanks for the reply.

If you really hate missing out on the experience, run with 1.05 for a few days – do a few burns, get acquainted – then go to 1.06.

Thanks people,
It’s just that my plex drives are working well, and I’d hate like hell to go and screw em up.

While upgrading from 1.03 to 1.04 Plextor recommended to delete the Autostrategy Database
but I did not see any recommandation while upgrading to 1.05 or 1.06:
so what shall we do ?

BTW why is it not possible anymore to downgrade the firmware of a PX-716A shipped with the 1.05 as stock firmware ?

Does anybody know which TLA#0x0y shows a drive shipped with 1.05 as stock firmware ?

Since Plextor didn’t say anything we can just upgrade without deleting the entries first.

We don’t know.

Thanks a lot for the reply

I asked the question about the TLA#

  • because Plextor says it is still possible to downgrade a PX-716A of TLA#0304 which came with the 1.04 as stock [I mean after flashing to 1.05 or 1.06 it is possible to come back to 1.04 or 1.04u]

  • and it is not possible to downgrade anymore a PX-716 shipped with the 1.05 as stock firmware,
    so there must be a new change in the hardware !

so there must be a new change in the hardware !
Or they don’t want us to use old firmware because it has many bugs. The 1.05 definitively IS the best version (maybe now it is 1.06), so why should Plextor let us use an old version (they don’t just release them but also testing them before they are releasing it)? Or they just don’t have the time to re-programm the flash tool to let you you flash an old version… :bigsmile: (but maybe it’s possible with a third party tool - is somebody here who can test this?)
But, in case that there is a change in the hardware device it can’t be that big, because then they had given it a new name (like PX-720A or something, don’t know the naming scheme from Plextor).

I would guess the TLA#0405
but we will have to wait until someone get it to confirm

Following was posted in this other thread:
and looks like the beginnig of an answer to the question …

Data Point:

I ordered my Plextor 716A on March 29 and it arrived on March 30. The box has a sticker that says “TLA #0304” and the drive itself has a sticker saying “March 2005”. The firmware installed on the drive was 1.04.

There couldn’t have been many drives released with firmare 1.05 …

A little off topic:
Is there somewhere a changelog that descripes the hardware changes in the different TLAs? I got a TLA#0203 and would like to know what was changed since TLA#01XX and from 02XX to 03XX.