1.04 firmware for LG 8520B






Just saw it. Anybody can confirm if :

  1. This is for 1 led or 2 led model of 8520B ?
  2. Does it have read speed increased to 52x for CDR media (by pressing the eject button for 3 seconds) ?

Thanks in advance


Works on all drives

52x cdr read speed with 4 sec eject button press

Nero info tool doesnt detect it but nero cd speed reaches 52x

imporvement is with cdr media also



how can i write on an CDR with LG 8520 (Nero) if the burner set the burn speed autom. to 40 x. I will manual burn with 52x with this media. Is there an option to disable the cdr burn speed identify option. (Liteon can this do in Recorder Option in Nero)