1.03 GB Data Into 600 MB CD

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i got a cd the size of cd is 569 MB But when i copy the data from the cd to mind Harddisk its shows 1.03 GB, how this is possible to store 1.03 GB data in to 700 MB Disk.

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i’ve got a similar cd from Microsofts MSDN subscription download, it has both one installation package of XP Home + one of XP Professional, and the size of the files are much more than a CD can store

I think it’s because there are som file/folders that appear in both the “pro” and the “home” folder that actually are on only one place on the cd, but the filetable has two pointers to them (one from “pro” dir. and one from “home” dir.)

hope you understand what I mean, since english is not my native language

hbbq is right. You can easiliy backup this disc if your writer program can cope with Illegal Table of Content cd-roms (Illegal Toc). Even Nero should be able to backup your cdrom

what hbbq is true, if there are shared files between 2 folders,
but i heard that some game (CD) protection method use such a way, that when you copy files, you get more than 650MB, i never saw them, and i don’t know if it’s the same as the first method or not…

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I Just Found Out The Utility Called “cdimage” That Is What Doing All This Magic I Think Its Doing What You People Said That Just Linking The Same File To Multiple Folder

Coz I Tried The Same With Mine Data But It Didint Stored In 650mb But When I Did With Microsoft Software It Did The Magic Again

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