$1,000 iPhone X becomes unresponsive in cold weather, suffers from vertical green line on OLED display

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/1000-iphone-x-becomes-unresponsive-cold-weather-suffers-vertical-green-line-oled-display-82975/

One of the most expensive mainstream smartphones ever, appears to suffer from two known issues already. Apple has confirmed the phone becomes temporarily unresponsive in low temperature conditions and some owners of complain about a vertical green line on their screen. (Green line issue on iPhone X – Image credit: user mix0mat0sis on Twitter) The iPhone…

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the Apple iPhone X uses a Samsung OLED screen.

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It uses an LG OLED screen. I wouldn’t be surprised if LG bought their parts from Samsung LOL

If it is a LG screen, which I don’t doubt, then there is no way LG would buy them from Samsung.
I guess the only conclusion is, although OLED screens will take your breath away with their clarity, their reliability falls somewhat short.

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There’s no way I would waste £1000 on a phone. Apple, or any other make. Mmm OLED, not keen on that either, everything I’ve had with an OLED screen has gone funny colours, or just faded away. I also would never buy an OLED TV. Not very reliable is it: Organic material must have a finite lifespan, how long is the proclaimed 100,000 hours is useable? As it fades away, especially the red I gather. (Sorry, rant over)

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My son got 2 of them for us for free, he went to college with a guy that works for Apple in their R&D dept. They all got to buy 5 at half price, but he owed my son a favor from school, my son tutored him in Trig, and therefore was very grateful, so this was sort of a way to say thank you.
EDIT - I got an Update last night to fix the two issues Wendy spoke about. IOS 11.1.1.

According to release notes for IOS 11.1.1. It contains only a couple of minor bug fixes, and wont fix the green line, which I would think is a hardware problem.

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Yes you are right, it fixes some sort of typing issues with symbols.

I’ve just had it confirmed.
The iPhone X OLED screen is made by Samsung.

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Those two companies are always sueing each other and are bitter rivals, I think its funny that they buy stuff from each other. LOL

So what’s your own verdict on them Alan?

Do you prefer them to an Android phone?

I can’t really be objective here, I haven’t had an Android phone for 8 years, my son is an Apple enthusiast. He only uses Apple laptops, and Apple phones, we have had iphone since the first ones, the iphone 3 I think, and we have a contract with Verizon, so we can only update every two years. It just so happened that this cycle in our contract the IphoneX came out. So we are in another 2 year year contract. If it had been up to me I would have chosen the Note8, I really like the way that phone looks.

I’ve had experience of both as my wife is an Apple devotee and so far I’ve always preferred Android (to Apple that is, not my wife!) :smiley:

It’s not that I’m an out and out Android zealot, as I’ve given both a try. It’s just I’ve always found Android more capable and much less restrictive than IOS devices.

Just interested to know if Apple has come up with something better, as I haven’t seen the iPhone X yet, but on a value for money basis I’d be surprised if it’s worth that much more than the best of the Android phones.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to pay Apple’s ridiculous prices. In the Android market, not only is the OS less restrictive, but the hardware has *actual* competition, which means you have *actual* options. If a hypothetical company charged as much for an Android as Apple charges for it’s phones, I doubt that said company would survive in the market.

BTW, I’m referring the the price of Apple’s older(-ish) phones, not the iPhone X. If I had the money for that thing, suffice to say there are plenty of other things I would much rather spend that money on. Seriously, how does Apple think people will be able to afford to spend $1,000 on a new phone. I’m sure they’ll be told to spend another $1,000 next year on the X2 (or whatever the successor to the X will be called), and another thousand after that. I wonder if Apple is going to raise the prices on their other phones, and use the ridiculous price on the X as an excuse: “$900 sounds steep, but it’s still better than the X, which costs $1,000.”

Anyway, if I had any real money, I’d probably spend it on the Purism Librem 5. That sounds like it could be a much better phone than what’s currently out there, if only because it has an operating system that doesn’t try to control the user. Did I mention it’s also spyware-free?

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