Is on the Server


Rescanning my discs to see what has been added.

Looks like just “Inferno” for me this week 11/06/2017

Support some new discs, check the details from http://deuhd.ru/4k_uhd_info.html
Solved some crash problems.

updated 15 discs on Nov. 06,

Looks like I have a couple more that is supported but… this 2 a day limit is a PITA!

For me nothing …

For example the my version of "the Amazing spider man2 " isn’t still supported,( I have sent them what necessary many weeks ago.

Really will be nice can have a better communication …

is it ok for licensed user? or I’m f*cking missed something?

There is a 2 disc per day limit on the program.

Thanks for answer.
hehe, I did not copied anything just tested what new discs supported. Disgusting.

@g00dnight, we also asked them about the limit, but they don’t have any plans to lift it :frowning:

See: https://www.myce.com/news/arusoft-ultra-hd-blu-ray-ripping-deuhd-will-see-amazing-speed-improvement-next-week-82906/

It has been a pretty big annoyance for many users unfortunately!

"(they would spend 8-12 hours when processing two discs per pay at the current ripping speed), and believes there are no users who would rip 730 (365 days * 2) discs per year."
Oh really? They may believe in anything them want. I do not care, after I purchased license - I need to rip when I need, I do not want anybody’s permission for it.

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