[07/06] NEC ND-4571A v1-21 *New firmware

Writer: _NEC DVD_RW ND-4571A FW: 1.21

Date 1: 16-02-2006
Date 2: 16-02-2006

CD-R : 1.02
CD-RW : B.05
DVD-R : 1.04
DVD-RW : B.05
DVD+R : 1.06
DVD+RW : B.11
DVD+R DL : 1.03
DVD-R DL : 1.04
DVD-RAM : 1.16

alreay send to liggy

You could provide a link to the NEC site that has it. I’m sure 4571 users would find that helpful.

*This firmware dump with my drive.

Not release in official nec website

Unfortunately our upload script was broken, so the file didn’t reach us.
Dee just fixed the script, so if you could please upload the file again. :o

File uploaded successfully ^.^

*it is auto bitsetting.

Thanks. I’ll take a look now.

Mitsubishi 8x DVD+R @8x

Maxell 8x DVD+R @8x

MJC 8x DVD+R @8x

Burn speed 16x
Burn time 6:13
Firmware 1-21

1st scan NEC at 12x
2nd scan Samsung at 12x
3rd scan Lite-On at 4x
4th TRT test

Very nice result and it looks like this firmware fixes the CAV writing problem seen in the original NEC 4571 firmware.

PS. Thanks Yangxi for uploading the firmware. :clap:

And what about the 4570…nothing new? Btw, the results are great. :slight_smile:

Scans look good :).
Dee can this f/w be available for the 4570 or in your modified f/w?

Pls upload this firmware anywhere!


Will do this very soon, but I can’t while I’m at work.

Why the title of the thread is “v1-02”?
This firmware is version 1.21…

EDIT: another question

Usually the “firmware code” 1.2x was used in the OEM drives… :eek:

The writing strategies for -R and +R seem identical to 1-01, i would think the burn engine has been reworked though. There is no point in using the write strategies for a 4750 firmware without the burn engine from 1-21, and it is not possible to use the 1-21 burn engine.

Mmm… why the strategy version are the same than old 1.01 firmware? These usually change with new firmware… :eek:

No, NEC rarely changes writing strategies, and then only change them to add new media. The write strategy for YUDEN000T02 for example has not changed from the very first 3520 firmware. It’s the burn engine that is usually updated with a new firmware release.

[B]RPC1 and original versions of the firmware are now available from our site[/B]

Ok, thanks very much for you reply Dee. :bow:
Have you any reply to my precedente post about the firmware code?

It’s an IO-DATA OEM firmware :wink:

[B]RPC1 and original versions of the firmware are now available from our site[/B][/QUOTE]

THX Dee! :slight_smile:

And the official 1.02 version? Where is it? The title of the thread speaks about that… :eek: