*06/07/05 - NEC ND-3540A (v1.24) new firmware

■ → Ver.1.00(2005/07/06)
<F/W Ver1.21 → Ver1.24>
Improve 6x DVD-RW write quality.


who have iodata serial num ? :sad:

Only 6x DVD-RW improved??? Surely not.

6x DVD-RW was already pretty good, at least on Verbatim media. I’d like to see improvement on DVD±R DL write quality at speeds higher than 4x

I’d like an overall improvement in writing quality… My LG 4120b does a better job than my new 3540A burning all the media I’m currently using :frowning:

iodata download dun need serial no. only buffalo needs.

Since when ? I can’t download this new IO-DATA firmware.

need key in serial num

oops. i mistaken. yup it needs the serial.
i will dump the f/w soon

i tried download. but the file is said not uploaded yet


funny~~ same bug with BENQ ? also suddenly take off link

If anybody gets his hands on this firmware, please send it to me. You can reach me via PM.

the f/w is stil not avail now.:frowning:

ok here is some info on Iodata 1.24 for nec3540 ( ABN16D)

rayGay have you dumped that firmware to disk? Can it be flashed to any 3540?


Could you send me the firmware, please :bow:

I want to know what tweaks have been made to the strats.

sori guys pls email me ur emails.


Looks newer in a few areas than my 1.01 that I just dumped off the ND-3540 I recieved today…

If this is newer than any other 1.01 out there I’ll gladly give out the .bin

For comparison:
1.01 27.04.2005 00

CD-R Version: 1.01
CD-RW Version: B.04
DVD-R Version: 1.02
DVD-RW Version: B.12
DVD+R Version: 1.04
DVD+RW Version: B.12
DVD+R9 Version: B.08
DVD-R9 Version: B.04

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)


Their is a newer 1.01 already. Just look at my page (see link in my signature).

Have you tried the new IO-DATA bin? Any improvement?
I would but I am still waiting on UPS to deliver my 2 cakeboxes of T02 +R :slight_smile: