04 09 01 Tracking Servo Failure


Ive been burning DVD’s with the same type of DVD+R media (Infiniti) for about a year now on the same DVDRW made by LG, in all this time with this combination ive only had about 5 coasters (100’s have been burnt) recently “dvd decrypter” and “convertx to dvd” started giving me the tracking servo error 1 in about every 3 disks that i burn (causing loads of coasters).

I looked on some forums and decided that it must be a hardware error so i purchased 2 new LG DVDRW’s however they are now fitted into the machine and are doing exactly thesame thing!!! meaning that it must be something else causing this problem, could it be a system software issue???

surely it cant be firmware as these drives are brand new (manufactured feb07)

IM LITERALLY IN DISPARE OVER THIS, its driving me insane. i could reboot my pc but i dont want to enless im sure that will correct the problem, any help would be greatly appreciated please!


Mr No Name…

OK, i think i found out exactly what was going on. thismorning i went down to my local blank media shop and asked the bloke, he suggested trying a different brand of media (encase a batch of infiniti disks were dodgy) i brought a pack of ri-disk dvd+r’s

so far ive burnt 8 disks with no tracking servo errors :cool: thumbs up that i wont get anymore problems

after all the fuss of changing drives etc it turned out to be just a bad batch of disks, even the best lazer cant write to a faulty disk… right :wink:

anyway if your getting this problem and its driving you insane like it was me, its most likely to be either 1. bad drive 2. bad media… try changing media brands before changing drive :doh:

Mr No Name…

yeah cheap media is not the way to go unless you happen to find some that works good but then the data might not last…