0257 is out


Where did you find this version? I don’t see it on the BTC site:


Use LiveUpdate and you can download it!


The BTC site hasn’t even got 157 (Makes you wonder how useful it was if it’s superceded in 6 days).

Well, I’d like just to say that I’m really tired of my drive.

And the support is equal to zero.

I will never buy anything from this guys.

Just an advice to them…before putting something in the market, is better if you do extensive tests, because we are not beta testers.

The only one that deserves some respect is Marco, and the only hope we have to put ours drives working like they should.

Is was just a relief.

I’m with you GJCD.

I’m happy with the performance of my drive so far, but I have yet to get a responce to any of the emails I’ve sent them requesting information. It’s one of those rare case where I would actually like to get an auto-response. At least that way I would know they got my message.

So far I have only been asking what the heck is in these firmware updates. If my drive was actually having issues I’d be really ticked off at the lack of response.

Because of that I will look to another vendor when the time comes to replace my drive.