0203 Firmware

I’ve been having problems with my Optorite 0203 burner every since I upgraded the firmware to 2.50.
Is it possible to downgrade firmware, and if so, does anyone have version 2.06, or 2.09 ?

With the older flashes, I could use the Nero info tool, and it would show around 6 different writing modes, now it only shows Packet writing, TAO, DAO, and SAO support.
Also I admit I was using some pretty cheap 1x, and 2x DVD-R discs for burning, now I’m getting write errors, and when I “did” get a disc to burn, it was a coaster.
Not saying the firmware is definitely the cause, but I’ve tried 4 different burning programs, all with no success.

Hello All;
Forgive me for this earlier post. I’ve come to this forum for a while now, and have always believed in “looking before leaping”, in any forum, but the burner problems were just getting me frustrated.
Not long ago, I had found what I was looking for here simply by exploring, and reading. My posting in the future should prove more positive.
Thanks for listening

I don’t think that downgrading would do you any good, but if you want to get back to an older version you should be able to flash in DOS. Some region free DOS firmwares are available here: http://tdb.rpc1.org/#DD0203

Thanks much dhc014…

Optorite's site only listed 1 entry for firmware for the DD0203 burner, and it put my unit at RPC2, at region 2, and I live in the US. Tried changing the region code in the OS device manager (XP), but it wouldn't work.

I think in this case changing firmware did a world of good. I picked version 2.16 firmware which was RPC1, and region-all, and I tested by copying a movie, and it went without a hitch.
Also listed was the latest v2.50 firmware quoted as being RPC1@region1, but didn’t try it.

I know this is an ancient burner but funds are low and I recently ran into a “FREE” lifetime sub of a tivo box that someone had and was dead. All it needed was a HDD and I was in business. My dvd burner wasn’t used in a long while. I picked some Memorex 8x DVD+R’s cheap and thought I would have no problems being the burner was at FW ver. 2.06 but low and behold I had nothing but problems using the 8x disks. They seemed to burn fine and play fine in the burner on the computer but not in the player in the surround system that uses the +R disks. I went back and dumped my +RW disk which I knew would be read in my player and wrote my movie to it. I had no problems with it. It was the media I thought. Well being cheap and low on cash I was pissed. I sat it out and thought for a few days. Checked Optorites site for FW upgrades and found nothing and than I thought about Googling for FW for the unit and I came across your site. I’m glad I did. I hit this thread after signing up and doing a search. Found the link for FW and also discovered (and remembered this drive is an aka Sanyo) and got an upgrade. Now I’m saving some cash for now anyway and back in the burning business thanks to you and your site for being here, as well as the people who posted in the thread.