0098 to 0101 and back to 0098

i have the 5005a with 0098 with no mv :stuck_out_tongue: if i do the 0101 “fixed” and back to 0098 what will i gain from the 0101?
i now have sn#0104-1840-0098-g2b9

You and I have the same machine. I’ve done the upgrade-downgrade thang with 0101 like 3 times and for the life of me I don’t know if there’s any kind of gain or not.

You might get a drive firmware upgrade - the last 4 digits of the SN (g2b9) is the drive firmware version. I did 098->101->098 on my 5006 and got firmware in the 101 package. Then I replaced the drive with a Liteon 1693 just because lol. My last 4 digits are now “KS0A”. :slight_smile:

My stock drive DDW-813s went to B20G

@blusuga - for your 0104 5005 with g2b9 at the end and the update being a E20 update (this usually means a system and drive update. You probably wind up with a 101 system firmware and a drive firmware of g2bd (which is the latest firmware for the 451s drive with the 0102 board. It’ll probaly look like this when done 0104-1840-0101-g2bd (xxx-xxxx). You can go back to the 098 system firmware if you have the 0098 system update file and keep the g2bd? firmware for the drive

@Trak101 - what did your internal serial number wind up at after you did the 101 update for your 0104 5005?

Sorry, small brain f@rt on my part…

My original SN was 0102 1840 0090 G2B9 (103 010D)
Upgraded to 0102 1874 0098 G2BD (015 010D)
A noted on other threads, when I “upgraded” to 0101 I lost MV hack despite Ilo hacker, still had 3HR mode, gained some sort of subtitling and the numbers in the parentheses changed but I forgot what they changed to.

Like I said, brain f@rt. Sorry.

@Trak101 - no problem with the brain f@art- I get 'em too! You sure about the 0102-1874

Yes, the ILO hack won’t work on the 0101 update :sad: The 0101 as far as I can tell and according to LiteOn adds Closed Captioning which is different than subtitles. There was someone who posted here (I forget who) who was going to sue LiteOn under the American with Disabilities thing because they did not provide CC recording capability for the hearing impaired.

WOW! Did it again. I have no idea where 1874 came from.
That’s the last time I cook, type and check kids’ homework at the same time.

The 1840 stayed 1840.

Logging off while I still have a brain cell or two…

@Trak101 :bigsmile: I’ve been there and done that too. The only reason I asked about the 1874 was because it woulda been the first timme I seen it changed and we all know LiteOn has been known to do some crazy stuff :iagree: I was just checking and doing what I gotta do that’s all. You’re alright :bow:

Thanks for all the replies
i think then if all the 0101 does is add closed captioning then i’ll just keep my machine as is. i dont really have a need for closed captioning right now but its good to know i can have it if i need it

@bluesuga - as mentioned you’ll probably go to the g2bd fw for the drive but if you are burning everything ok with the media you use now, it ain’t broke so don’t fix it :bigsmile: