007 NIGHTFIRE nVidia Detonator Driver Question

A question to those ‘Nightfire’ players out there running GeForce cards …

(Bit of background) I have noticed that ‘Nightfire’ is the first game that actually needs later Detonator drivers to run properly - I have a GF2Ti card and have always used the Detonator 23.11 drivers as these or the 23.12s seem optimised for the GF2 series cards - after numerous driver installs I and other GF2 owners (chatting in forums) have come to this conclusion - it seems Detonator 3X.XX and 4X.XX may not improve anything for a GF2 owner, and in some cases may actually cause minor glitch issues etc … HOWEVER - if I (and other people) try and play ‘Nightfire’ with the 23.11s, I get incorrect graphics (see-thru walls, floors etc etc), and when I checked online help, they recommend installing the latest drivers, which does work (40.72s were my test upgrade) - but then I notice the little ‘issues’ in other areas of my PC - so …

(Actual question) Regardless of GF card you have - what are the lowest series Detonator drivers you are running that display ‘Nightfire’ 100% correctly? I’d like to play it but would rather use an older driver, and not have to test numerous ones to find this out - all for one game …!

(Add) This is a well known issue that different series GF cards respond better to different Detonator drivers (eg GF4 cards like the 4X.XX series, and apparently the 43.00s are very good) - but newer drivers don’t necessarily work optimally with earlier GF cards - so I’m not looking for a general “just upgrade to the latest” response, rather I’m wondering about your experiences with your GF card and different Detonator drivers - cheers!

what is the best driver for GF4 Ti4600 ??

Probably the newest one.