"0 MB" media / Invalid Media under XP

I recently upgraded to a new mobo (Asus A7V8X) and WinXP and added a burner, the LTR-48125W (48X/12X/48X). However, the Nero ( media check reports the CD-Rs as “write protected” with 0 MB capacity.

It seems to be a driver issue: the winxpcdr utility reports a IMAPI_E_DEVICE_INVALIDTYPE as “Media Type” I already tried disabling the IMAPI service and/or disabling the Recording option in the burner’s properties, to no avail.

On a related note, I can’t seem to upgrade the firmware from VS04 to VS0b: the flash utility from the Lite-On website gives this error: “Read Buffer > 04 08 03. 02, 0000”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how about trying mtkflash to upgrade your firmware?

I’m moving this one to the LiteOn forum…

Did you check that everything else is ok? Cables are mounted correctly, chipset drivers are installed etc etc?

If so, I indeed think that MKTFlash could perhaps solve your problem…

Thanks for the tip! I got myself MtkWinFlash… where do I get the HEX/BIN firmware for the LTR-48125W from?