0 bytes VOB file

I tried DVD2one, and it’s copying during 20 minutes, but after this , the created VOB file is empty. (Not a disk space problem :slight_smile: and it’s an NTFS partition so the file can be > than 4Gb)
I already tried 3 DVD’s, always the same.
2 IFO’s and 2 BUP files are created.
Does someone know why?



You need to post more info…How are you ripping? are you doing full or main movie.

If you are doing full movie make sure you rip all the files to your hardrive.

I ripped with smartripper, i selected the main program chain and one 5.1 audio stream.
The i used dvd2one with the ‘Movie only’ option selected.

I have never done it that way usually I rip the main movie with all the audio and subs then I strip the audio in DVd2one.

Btw I never use smartripper but do use DVD Decrypter in file main movie mode.

:slight_smile: Thanks, DVD decryptor works fine, i ripped the entire DVD and i did a “Full disk” with DVD2ONE, and the quality is still ok.