0 byte file sizes

In IFO mode, DVD Decrypter chooses the movie files, but it is not always perfect. For these cases, make sure to select all files (Edit/Select all), then encode with dvd2one. It takes longer but it’s the best way to isolate problems.

Could you specify the movie you are having problems with?


I dloaded dvd2one v1.2.1 and purcashed the reg code. When trying to compress 7 GB down to 4472 MB, variable ratio, the resulting ten files are only 28 MB in size with most of the VOBs being 0 bytes. Can anyone help ? Btw, I used dvd decrypter to rip the DVD to the HD.


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As i asked you in reply on the message you send me, can you please be more specific on how you copied the files to your harddisk. Which movie, what languages,subtitles and if needed what angle?

i suspect something went wrong with copying the files to your harddisk. Make sure you use dvddecryptor in FILE MODE and not in IFO MODE! Big difference!