$0.50 sony DVD-Rewritables!


I just found that there is a spindle of 25 sony DVD-RW’s selling for just $12.50
Thats $0.50 per disk! (code: 25DMW47LS2)
How come its sooo cheap? even DVD-R costs more!
Does that mean its a low quality disk? I mean the single sony RW in jewel case costs between 2.50 or 3.00, more than 5 times the spinlde type.
Do they make lower quality disks for spindle packs? why is it 5 times cheaper?
is it 5 times worse too?

it says the RW in the spindle are X2 speed max only, but still, its an amazing bargain. BenQ 1655 can double that speed to X4 I guess? and anyhow I’m using sony RW that has X8 max speed but BenQ 1655 also write on it with X4 speed only.


Would help if you said [I][B]where[/B][/I] you found this deal (and a link to it would be good too)-


bigmike is right, you can’t withhold the source name and then ask for help or opinion.

Ooops, sorry. I thought you can google it by the code I gave above.
Its in amazon, and the seller is wetdewet: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000CQF016/ref=dp_bb_a/103-9654664-5799006?_encoding=UTF8&condition=new%2F

This ad is kind of confusing, you don’t know who is the seller, amazon.com or the other one, plus consider you have to pay the shipment also. I wouldn’t bother with it. The brand is good but again depend where the discs are made in Japan, Taiwan or India.


The seller is J&R and it looks like the shipping is around $6 - so it is actually $19 - which isn’t bad - but could be better at a b&m sale IMO


I guess shipping is free if your order is over $25. One can order 2 or 3 packs.
Anyhow, what do you guys think of the quality of spindled RW’s? are they as good as the jewel cased ones? is there a catch? or are both the same minus the casing only?

Then if you look around on Sundays sales I am sure you can find some sales around $19 if not much less.


Usually - unless you are buying directly from Amazon - you have to pay the sub vendors shipping fee - even if it is over $25-

I recently bought a Sony Digital Camera for $340 from Amazon with J&R as the subvendor and had to pay shipping-

You may want to call J&R and see if there is any break on getting several shipped on the same order-


amazom 3rd party are similar to ebay buy it now