_nec Dvd_rw Nd-3500ag

Hello I have been away from home for few months and came back to find my bro has messed with my _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG sorry I dont know alot about hardware but I need some help please!

He told me he used a firmware? to use some other discs (DVD+R) that he could not use before! and now I cant use the discs I was using before I went away from home! DVD-R x8.

So how can I fix this back to normal? I have ALOT of DVD-R and I really dont want to waste them! :sad:

So please please please help me out! _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG to burn DVD-R again. :frowning:

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to the forum.
We will need more information to help.
Firmware on the drive? You can get this from Cd-Speed and the MID of the discs you are trying to burn, again you can get this from CD-Speed.

The latest firmware for this drive is version 2.1b which is available from NEC’s website or from here

[B]CD MID:[/B] MCC 02RG20

and I had to use Nero info tool to find out firmware and it says:

[B]Firmware Version:[/B] 2.17

~Like I said I dont have a clue about firmware but I just would like to use my discs I have always used before this.

[B]BTW[/B] if this helps I use [B]Datawrite gray[/B] DVD-R X8

80 of them is alot to waste lol anyways thanks for your reply and I shall wait for an other reply before I try that 2.1b.

Thank you.

This media is supported in the firmware you have at 12x, although 12x may well be to fast for the brand of MCC02RG20 you have.

So they should be working? They are not. :frowning:

Should I try the 2.1b? :sad:

By all means try 2.1b, but i think there is probably something else wrong.
Either the media has gone very bad or you have some system issue, or indeed a hardware fault in the drive itself.

ok nevermind.

Thank you for your replys.