_ALL_CAPS_ON_BURN-how do you change this¿?¿?



Greetings all...

I have read literaly all documentation on how to turn off or switch from ALLCAPS_WHEN_BURNING_. I possibly overlooked it, but honestly I dont know how. is it a type of format I am using?

ISO LEVEL 2, mode 1, ISO 9660, no joliet, allow more than 8/256.

My web pages are in a mess because of this. I am just glad I caught it before I deleted them of the HD.

I have had zero luck, can any one of you help?

Thankz in advance.

I am rescratching my HD, and reinstalling XP Pro 2600build (if this matters to you regarding any info from above) so I am kinda stuck here till i can get some info or redo every single broken link and images on my 4 sites.

Again thank You ALL for your help in advance.



your webpages are in a mess because your cd’s are burned in “all caps” ???

You want the all caps on or off??
I know tha it can be done in Nero, it has something t do with the format, but i need to look it up.


well actualy I know of the caps on and caps off, but i just want it to burn “as-is”, I have mixed alpha, and tildays, it turns all my tildays to underscore.

just “as-is” is all I am lookin for…


i believe ihad the same settings as OZ…thanx Oz