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Suggestions to Arusoft on improving DeUHD ( 2 ) (31)

In this thread you can post any suggestions you have on improving DeUHD. I will make sure to collect them once in a while and bring them to the attention of Arusoft.

Verified MD5 checksums of the a correct working main M2TS (8)

On request of user @jmone1 here by a sticky topic where you can post MD5 checksums of the main M2TS. Only post it if you are 100% sure your rip is correct. This way other users can verify that their hours of ripping w…

Read first: DeUHD Frequently Asked Questions (6)

Notice: This post is a Wiki, it can be edited by any user, have something to add or to correct? Go ahead! More information on how it works. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding DeUHD. Does…

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