Latest News Headlines

Microsoft restarts Windows 10 October 2018 Update roll-out after deleted files concerns (5)
Firefox gets own task manager that also shows energy consumed by website (1)
Chrome will block all ads on websites with some harmful or misleading advertisements (4)
Black Friday Deals: cheap UHD BD friendly drive, 128GB microSD, cheap VPN and more (2)
Developers working on scrollable tabs in upcoming Google Chrome release (1)
Google report explains its anti-piracy measures (2)
United States charges Chinese and Taiwanese companies for stealing Micron DRAM technology (2)
Issues with activation servers cause downgrades of Windows 10 Pro installations (7)
Mozilla tests privacy-friendly "Prio" technology to gather telemetry data (2)
German government: Windows 10 telemetry almost impossible to disable for average user (6)
App for developers shows Windows 10's future design (2)
Dav1d decoder now supports entire AV1 specification (2)
Microsoft blocks Windows 10 October 2018 Update again due to Intel driver issue (1)
Downgrading Firmware for UHD Drives Shall Soon Be Made Easier by DVDFab (8)
Older Hollywood blockbusters can now be watched on YouTube for free (4)
Samsung 860 QVO series QLC 3D-NAND consumer SSDs appear on European web shops (2)
Adobe issues another emergency patch for Flash Player (1)
Google patches high-risk vulnerability in Chrome browser (1)
Microsoft works with Apple on iCloud issue that prevents installation of October 2018 update (1)
SK Hynix announces first DDR5 DRAM chips (1)
Cheap Netflix subscription already available in Malaysia at $4 per month (1)
Microsoft adds new settings for more control over Windows 10 updates (1)
DVDFab introduces Prime Membership with access to all software products (1)
Microsoft report: 20% of the users clicks phishing link within 5 minutes (5)
Mozilla ends support of Firefox on Windows XP (3)
Avast ends support of Windows XP and Windows Vista next year (3)
Cybercriminals abuse Office embedded online video feature to distribute malware (3)
Nintendo settles for $12 million with ROM and emulator website owners (2)
YouTube CEO warns for potential unintended consequences of new European copyright law (3)
Microsoft patches actively exploited leak in Windows and 61 other vulnerabilities (1)