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DVD and Blu Ray sales dropping quickly (15)
EU reaches agreement on controversial new copyright law with 'upload filter' and 'link tax' articles (7)
American community college closes for two days after malware attack (3)
Developers make Android work on Nintendo Switch (4)
Opera 50 for Android makes it easy to enable or disable ad blocker per website (2)
WinRAR closes 19 year old security issue (13)
Alliance asks Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart to only sell secure internet connected devices (5)
USB4 to be based on Thunderbolt 3 specification (1)
Maintaining Your Hard Drive (2)
VideoLAN to drop support of older operating systems with VLC 4.0 (2)
Dutch anti-piracy organization: 'scenario possible where we track down illegal downloaders' (12)
Apple faces class action over alleged blocking of older iPhone chargers with software update (2)
Facebook paid teenagers to get nearly full access to all data on their phone (3)
Mozilla to automatically block autoplay videos with sound from Firefox 66 (5)
Illegal movie and series streaming box developer settles for $14.5 million in anti-piracy case (8)
Microsoft discontinues support for its Band fitness accessory (1)
6 Alternatives To Skype (1)
Unpatched vulnerability in Chrome PDF reader actively exploited (1)
Adobe ends support for Shockwave in April this year (2)
Sony demands $16,800 in damages for selling two Playstations with pirated games (2)
USB IF announces that USB 3.2 name will replace existing USB 3.x branding (3)
Digital rights locker UltraViolet shuts down later this year (1)
SD Association announces microSD Express standard (2)
Ransomware makes data of 15,000 patients inaccessible for more than three weeks already (2)
Samsung stops making 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players (8)
Microsoft releases new Office app for Windows 10 (1)
Microsoft once again finds bugs in latest Windows 7 and Windows 10 patches (1)
Microsoft makes Chrome browsing history available in Windows 10 Timeline through extension (1)
Microsoft to release SHA-2 update, for improved Windows Update security, faster than expected (1)