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Microsoft report: 20% of the users clicks phishing link within 5 minutes (5)
Mozilla ends support of Firefox on Windows XP (3)
Avast ends support of Windows XP and Windows Vista next year (3)
Cybercriminals abuse Office embedded online video feature to distribute malware (3)
Nintendo settles for $12 million with ROM and emulator website owners (2)
YouTube CEO warns for potential unintended consequences of new European copyright law (3)
Microsoft restarts Windows 10 October 2018 Update roll-out after deleted files concerns (2)
Microsoft patches actively exploited leak in Windows and 61 other vulnerabilities (1)
Netflix to test cheaper offering in developing countries (1)
Issues with activation servers cause downgrades of Windows 10 Pro installations (6)
Windows 10 will use telemetry data to troubleshoot and automatically fix issues (3)
Youtube now allows watching videos in small window while browsing the site (2)
Sony develops new DRM technology based on the blockchain (2)
'Youtube unable to comply with new European copyright law' (5)
European Court: roommates can't blame each other for illegal downloads (3)
Facebook and Google can easily track users because they forget to logout (2)
100,000+ routers from brands like D-Link and TP-link affected by DNS change attack (2)
ESET security researchers find rootkit that survives OS reinstall and HDD replacement (2)
'83% of the home and office routers vulnerable to cyberattacks' (4)
Google adds new advertisement format to Youtube (5)
Skype can now also send and receive SMS messages from the phone on the desktop (2)
Emerging tech trends that are going to impact our future in a big way (2)
'25% of American adults has delete Facebook app from their smartphone' (4)
Seagate roadmap reveals HAMR HDDs could reach 100TB by 2025 (2)
Chrome will start to warn for websites that charge users with unclear subscriptions (2)
Chrome will block all ads on websites with some harmful or misleading advertisements (2)
MakeMKV version 1.14.1 released (1)
Google report explains its anti-piracy measures (1)
Megatest: website tests 124 SD and micro SD cards (1)