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Microsoft decouples flopped Cortana from Windows 10 Search (2)
Netflix announces biggest subscription price increase ever - up to 18% (5)
Anti-tracking extension Ghostery launches paid subscription (1)
Mozilla to release Send app for Android to send files in safe, private way (1)
Android app with 100 million installs allows attackers to download photos and videos from device (2)
Users complain about network issues after applying this month's Windows 7 patches (2)
Windows enthusiast website BuildFeed shuts down after 'external pressure' (1)
Mozilla to disable Flash by default starting with Firefox 69 (2)
Windows 7 extended supports ends on this day next year - no more security updates (1)
Lexar announces 1 TB SD card that is available right now (4)
Researchers develop 1,000x faster storage tech by combining magnetic storage with laser pulses (1)
2018: The Year in Review (1)
Malwarebytes users complain about freezing Windows 7 computers after update (1)
Windows 10 market share increased with less than 5% in 2018 (10)
Windows 10 Update 1903 will reserve at least 7GB of disk space (1)
Intel combines 3D Xpoint and QLC NAND in new M.2 Optane Memory H10 SSDs (1)
New attack method uses .ISO and .TAR files to evade security warnings (1)
Microsoft to pay $1250 in damages to Finnish user after installing Windows 10 without permission (2)
Toshiba announces 16TB hard disk drives (2)
Seagate announces Barracuda 510 and Firecuda 510 NVMe PCIe M.2 SSDs (1)
Vidus announces version of new DVD copy/ripper/creator/convertor software (9)
Microsoft adds 'login with SMS code' feature to all Windows 10 versions (1)
Bittorrent protocol extension unveiled that allow users to purchase faster downloads with BTT blockchain token (1)
USB-IF announces USB-C standard to confirm authenticity of a USB device, cable or charger (1)
Open-source Thunderbird email client to make encrypting emails easier (1)
Oppo releases firmware update that adds HDR10+ support for UDP-203 and UDP-205 (1)
Netflix stops offering subscriptions through Apple iTunes (1)
Google adds better anti-spam and anti-phishing measures to Android SMS app (1)
Researchers announce 128Mbit high-speed non-volatile SST-MRAM (2)