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CMC Magnetics expects Blu-ray and DVD recordable market to grow (19)
Intel and Micron to end joint development of 3D Xpoint memory by 2019 (2)
Android malware tries to infect Windows PCs through images folder (2)
Windows Defender receives signatures updates on Windows 7 again, after 3 week pause (9)
Senators want FTC to investigate smart TV privacy policies (1)
Microsoft ends support of Windows 7/8.1 and Office 2010/2013 on its forums (9)
Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 on Pentium III CPUs (9)
Dutch anti-piracy organization develops software to catch larger amount of pirates (2)
New copy protection shows copyright notice when several minutes into the movie (updated) (5)
Popular quiz app on Facebook made personal data of 120 million users publicly available (3)
Apple users pay up to 30% too much for online music streaming services (5)
Chinese court temporarily bans sales and production of Micron memory products (2)
Microsoft to provide users more details on what they share with Windows 10 error reports (2)
Looks like Google is allowing Apps to spy on email (4)
Advertorial: Reset, Bypass or Recover Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password (5)
Reddit users outraged after discovering tracking software in many popular games (2)
Microsoft's phishing filter easily mislead by hidden text in emails (3)
Security company claims it can hack fully patched iOS and Android phones from 500 meters (6)
Intel warns for Lazy FP vulnerability in Core and Xeon processors (3)
Burglar who lost phone at scene of burglary with passcode 1234 has no right of privacy (4)
After decades of hardly any changes, Microsoft is adding several new features to Notepad (2)
WhatsApp bug causes multi-gigabyte uploads on cellular network (2)
Data on 440 million phone calls stolen from spyware developer (1)
Report: Majority of Americans still buys DVDs and Blu-ray discs (17)
Microsoft fixes 2 year old bug in Windows 10 calculator (1)
Windows 10 not vulnerable to recent zero-day exploit thanks to platform hardening and exploit mitigations (2)
Seagate announces BarraCuda SATA consumer SSDs (3)
Samsung starts mass production of 5th generation 96-layer V-NAND (2)
VideoLAN patches vulnerability related to playing Adobe Flash (.SWF) files (3)