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Copy Protection List Discover the protection on your game or application CD. Found a new protection? Then post here! ImgBurn ImgBurn is a freeware burn application. Visit the ImgBurn Forum to receive help and tips on ImgBurn Copy Protection Discover the wonderful world of copy protections & the new Blu-ray copy protections. Learn how to identify a copy protection & how you can beat them! Nero & InCD If you have troubles with Nero or InCD or other software from Nero AG, the Nero and InCD forum might be the place to find a solution. CD Backup Guides and Tutorials Learn how to use Alcohol. Blindwrite, CloneCD and more. Learn how to defeat SecuROM *new*, SecuROM 4.8x, LaserLock and SafeDisc. Tips and tricks with RPMS, disc topology, weak sectors ... the lot!
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