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GDR-8082N firmware Upgrade


I have a GDR-8082N

This drive is a very normal laptop drive.
The firmware is OL03

It has one great capability, it dumps single layer 'wii discs'

Using driveInfo, it reports no cabability for DVD-/+R DL media

I noticed on the DELL site a firmware upgrade for the DELL GDR-8082N
The firmware patch allows the drive to read DVD(- or +) R DL disc's
(carn't remember which!)

The firmware OL03 uses flashup.exe so i have a .bin file for the 0L03 firmware.
The Dell firmware is just an exe....

i) Does the dangerous Brothers fwflash for Auto and regionhacks support force flashing... ?

The idea being to force flash the drive to a Dell 106 firmware, then upgrade to Dell 120 ( the drive thinking its a DELL drive !)


ii) Is it somehow possible to extract the firmware from the DELL 82UPL120.exe program ? and then flash with 'flashup.exe' like the OL03 firmware upgrade from IBM.


iii) Does anyone have the Dell 120 firmware as a bin file or the HP/COMPAQ 0C11 firmware as a bin file?

I realise the this will probably 'damage' the drive, but i have one spare and am happy to 'throw caution to the wind' in the persuit of happyness !


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