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Is Asus Optimal Tuning Strategy (OTS) and Auto Vibration Reducing System (AVRS) usefull ? (for example in Asus DRW-24B3LT)

I need to buy a new dvd writer.

By the moment i am interested in the Liteon iHAS624 (iHAS624-T32 B / MediaTek MT1839LN ) and the Asus DRW-24B3LT, that is a iHAS424 B clone.

The hardware of both is identical , so the only different thing is the firmware.

Has anyone used the OTS feature from asus ?

It is usefull / worthwhile ?

Anyone now if with the asus firmware i can use the Pi/PIF scanning , and other liteons features , or i need a liteon firmware?

The Sccaning Pi/PIF and TRT can be done with the same drive used to burn the disk , or would be better to have a liteon based drive for scanning and a LG (for example) only for burning ?

I mostly burn data dvds , isos , and sometimes copy some protected dvd game.

Be able to scan / trt the disks to "check" them is an interesting addon.
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Re: Is Asus Optimal Tuning Strategy (OTS) and Auto Vibration Reducing System (AVRS) usefull ? (for example in Asus DRW-24B3LT)

OTS is probably a firmware feature lost when flashing iHAS x24B FW. AVRS is probably hardware, so installing Lite-On F/W won't remove it.
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