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SSH, SOCKS5 tunnel, Bittorrent anon.?

I've been using a serivce (proxy.darknet.com) who offer secure SSH tunnel and socks proxies.

This obviously makes browsing anonymous but can I use to to make bittorrent anonymous to the peers in the swarm?

First I set up an SSH tunnel using Putty and then set up uTorrent to use the socks5 proxy tunneling via SSH. After reading a few docs I've got it "working" int he sense that the SSH client is running fine and all appears to be working and I can certainly download. But am I anonymous to everyone in the torrent? Are they getting darknet's IP instead of mine?

Is it operating in a similar way to a private VPN, like say Relakks?

And how could I test this if I wanted to? With a web proxy I can just go to Shields up or whatever and see what they can tell about me. With BT it's harder since I don't get to see my own IP anywhere to to check.

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Re: SSH, SOCKS5 tunnel, Bittorrent anon.?

You are never anonymous.
Every server keeps logs. Your ISP keeps logs. You can be found, if they want you bad enough.
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