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problem backing up dvd SONY

I'm trying to backup a copy of movie man of the house.. It is a sonypictures movie.. I use dvd cloner3 for all my movies.. This is the first movie a ran into trouble with .. Is there any freeware software that will work with dvdcloner3 that gets rid of sony problems
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Re: problem backing up dvd SONY

I don't know anything about Dvd Cloner but if it's able to work with files already ripped to your hard drive then you can rip with the freeware DvdFab Decrypter To remove the ARcoSS protection (that is causing the problem you've run into).
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Re: problem backing up dvd SONY

Try this...


it rips absolutely everything regardless of protection.
Author with DVD2One or similar...then burn.
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Re: problem backing up dvd SONY

Type RitIt4Me in Google or other search and go to first site. Donwload software and it does the rest. It burns any DVD-R even Sony Arcoss as I have burnt The Chronicles of Narnia, High School Musical and many other movies that Shrinkers can't handle
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Re: problem backing up dvd SONY

I would also recommend trying RipIt4Me, which works with the DVD Decrypter software most people have already installed. Both are free and should allow you to rip just about any movie to your hard drive.

DVDFab Decrypter is also good at this, and it works stand-alone and is also free.



Good luck.
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