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Daemon Tools 4.03 released

DAEMON Tools is a virtual cd/dvd-rom emulator. It is able to emulate nearly all known copy protections on the market today. This version has an option to install client-side software applications (DAEMON Tools Searchbar and Save Now) that deliver a limited number of behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant coupons, ads and comparative shopping results directly to consumers desktops - without compromising the privacy, security or smooth functioning of peoples computers! No URL hijacking or redirects! In order to support FREE distribution of DAEMON Tools we highly encourage you at least to try out this optional software!

(you can remove it anytime later when you wish: via Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs)
This version fixed some small and not so small glitches/bugs introduced with V4.0.0 (X86) and V4.0.1 (X64)

One blacklist fixed (a SF-Game, that behaved odd when running from virtualdrive)

RAID-Bugs fixed, too Some reboot-problems also fixed

Nero-issues also fixed

Additional functionality (for X86-version, X64 already contained it since very first version): Disable "Open file handle" dialog, as it seems it annoyed some users.

We herewith also confirm the latest blacklist introduced by Securom (SeriousSam2-patch). This blacklists will not be possible in future versions anymore (as in old 3.xx-series,we will add feature to randomly generate names for driver-parts). As we got info about it, we couldn't fix it with this version, but work is in progress for next release already

EDIT: We also offer a bunch of tools especially for new V4, f.e. Anti-Blacklist-Tools, DaemonScript for V4,Translations and other tools - stay tuned!
DAEMON Tools 4.03 download
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Re: Daemon Tools 4.03 released

im a little confused by this. i downloaded version 4.00 when it was released a while back. now there seems to no longer be a link to it. it also says this version only supports x-64 platforms. what exactly does this mean. i am using the 32bit win xp pro os. can i install this version.
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Re: Daemon Tools 4.03 released

You want this one then: DAEMON Tools 4.0.3 X86

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Re: Daemon Tools 4.03 released

ahhhh....thank you, the x86 version is the 32bit version. wierd.
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