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Which monitor is better on the eyes?

I read that LCDs are easier on the eyes then CRTs and its better to get one if you spend long hours in front of the computer. I was pretty surprised because I thought it all depended on the refresh rate, and as far as I know, CRTs get much better refresh rates than LCDs. Are they easier on your eyes in all aspects? Because the article I read said specifically word processing, what about gaming?

And finally, what decides which causes less eye strain? Is it response time AND refresh rate and the same time?
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Re: Which monitor is better on the eyes?

Most LCD monitors have a refresh rate of 60 hertz default and I have no issues at that setting with mine. If I set my old CRT to 60 hertz it was awfull. I bought mine with a 4 ms response time and love it for gamming but I believe the older 20 ms and above response time LCD monitors saw a little bit of ghosting but you really had to look for it. Of course your brightness and contrast settings have a lot to do with how easy on the eyes it is. Hope this helps.
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Re: Which monitor is better on the eyes?

For reading text I believe LCD is the best. I wouldn't have a CRT monitor again even if I could overlook the fact that the big ones are the size of a refrigerator.

I think refresh rate is misleading. CRT screens need to be constantly refreshed, and that can cause flicker. I don't think such a thing pertains to LCD. I know they mention refresh, but I don't know what that means. As far as I know, flicker doesn't exist on LCD monitors. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

When using LCD monitors with XP, you should try the ClearType thing. It can often make a big difference when displaying text. You can find it in the Display window > Appearance tab > Effects. I just installed I.E.7 and the first time I ran it, it showed a button for ClearType and suggested I click it. I didn't have to because I always use it.

I know nothing about gaming. CRTs do have some advantages here. The ability to show very dark grey and true black, for instance. And their quicker response time.
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Re: Which monitor is better on the eyes?

Do you think ClearType causes less strain ? I've used it before and decided against it because it makes me concentrate on the text harder... kind of weird.
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Re: Which monitor is better on the eyes?

Just go a LG 19 inch Lcd model L1952TX, I set the resolution at 1280 x 1024 and the refresh rate at 60 hertz. I can now read the monitor without my glasses! As for gaming I was told to get one 4ms responce time, mine is 8 ms. I have a playstation for games.
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Re: Which monitor is better on the eyes?

I think it's kind of a personal thing. It may depend on how good and/or sensitive your eyes are, what your lighting is like, etc.

All standard LCD monitors for the PC are designed to run at 60hz. They usually look their best if you use a DVI connection instead of the 15 pin D-sub.

LCD's tend to look best in their native resolution, so if you get a 17" with 1280x1024, I would recommend running it at that resolution if you are able to read it. They make 19" LCD's that do 1280x1024 so the same info is stretched out into a bigger area to make it more readable, which some folks prefer. The downside of that is the pixel density is not as good, so the display can look a bit "blockier" depending.

For anything besides gaming, I find that the 20.1" form factor with a 1600x1200 resoluton works great. I say besides gaming because for one reason, you have to have a really powerful system and video card to get all the games to run at that native 1600x1200.

Anyway, I have a Samsung 204b, which gives you great specs for around $300 after rebate. Amazingly good deal, and it has both Contrast and Brightness settings to help you customize the display to meet your preferences.

To me, pixel density is a KEY factor. Cleartype is almost a must for most folks when using an LCD with XP, and it tends to look better when you have a higher pixel density (more dots per inch = clearer, more refined pic). So 1600x1200 - a true 4:3 aspect ratio - on a 20.1" LCD looks fantastic to me.

For gaming, I much prefer a CRT, so I have both on each of those 2 machines.

I would recommend going to the store and trying a 17" with 1280x1024 and a 19" with 1280x1024 and then a 20.1" with 1600x1200 and see what works best for you.

If you dig a CRT, then hang on to what works or snag a nice Viewsonic G series.

I think overall, the key thing is to get the monitor that YOU feel more comfortable with. After all, everybody is different and these are YOUR eyes we are talking about here.

I have both and prefer CRT, especially for gaming. I HATE gaming on an LCD unless it is in its native resolution, cause it just looks BLECH to me. Those 17" and 19" LCD's are not a 4:3 ratio, so if you run your game in 800x600 or 1024x768, they will be distorted if you go edge to edge.

With an LCD, I find I have to have VSYNC on if I play a game. Therefore, I need to have TRIPLE BUFFERING on to avoid stuttering. Not all games support that, so that too can be a pain if the system can't keep up with 60 frames per second.

Plus, with an LCD, you have to decide if you want to scale the image edge to edge in non-native resolutions, or you want to have the image locked in the middle of the screen at its actual pixel size (with black bars on the sides and usually the top too).

With CRT's, all of that stuff looks way smoother because the way the tube works. Non-native resolutions usually look just as smooth as the max res, depending on how you have it set up.

If you are into color matching, CRT's still have the edge there too, but that's more of a pantone technical issue that may not be relevant to your situation.
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Re: Which monitor is better on the eyes?

I'll never go back to CRT, I used to get eye strain and headaches after a few hours with my old CRT, which was a fairly high quality unit with good resolution, good refresh rate, and tight pixel pitch, but after I swiched to an LCD eye strain and headaches are next to nill. Gaming does suffer a little, especially with new games that my vid card has trouble running smoothly at native res.

I'm using an 8ms 19" 1280x1024@60hz Viewsonic connected with DVI
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Re: Which monitor is better on the eyes?

Originally Posted by extremepilot
Do you think ClearType causes less strain ? I've used it before and decided against it because it makes me concentrate on the text harder... kind of weird.
If it makes text harder to read, then of course you shouldn't use it.

I find that ClearType doesn't have much effect on some text but makes other text much clearer. Especially some small fonts.

The standard ClearType only works for LCD monitors, as far as I know. Untweaked, it also only works for LCD monitors that have their color sub-pixels in red-green-blue order. For the rarer LCD monitors that have the color pixels in blue-green-red order, it will make things worse.

There is a Microsoft tweak that's supposed to make it work for the "backwards" monitors. You can find the link in I.E.7's help, assuming you can find where Microsoft hid the help in I.E.7
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