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CD-RW drive stuck "in-use" and won't eject CD.


Was using RealPlayer One to burn an audio CD a couple of days ago when the software crashed and rebooted my computer....

Now the drive just sits with the "in use" light flashing and won't let me open it.

Windows98SE doesn't even detect the drive in Explorer, and I've tried unplugging and replugging in the drive to no avail....

It doesn't appear to have an emergency eject port on the front, so is there any way of getting at the CD without physically removing the drive and forcing the front open??

I would post specs of the drive, but the computer itself is a package deal from Gateway (a few years old now) and they don't give out model numbers.... it's an ATAPI R/RW 4x4x24 if that helps at all....

(PIII 500MHz
128MB Ram
17" Monitor
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you probably have some corrupted files from the crash. there are a couple of things you can try.

1. Did you uninstall real player?
2. run file checker in system tools
3. if the drive shows up in Device manager uninstal it there and let windows reinstal it when you reboot.
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