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cd player wont play burned cd's

Hi, im new to this forum and pretty much forums all together. Please correct me if ive done something wrong with this new thread or post. But anyway...

Ive got a problem with the cd player in my car. It wont play burned cd's, occasionally it will play them but it will usually spit it out in the middle of a song, and in order to skip to the next track you must fast-forward through the song. But It plays store bought cd's fine...

I have looked up other forums via google and found other people with the same problem and tried what they said. Ive tried: Different brand cd's, different burning programs, and slowing down the write speed....none have worked.

I know that the model of the cd/radio deck in the car is: Toyota 16815

Please help...it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Re: cd player wont play burned cd's

Welcome to the forum Mike.

Some car players will just not play CD-R discs. However, using quality CD-R media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and burning at just 16x might help.

Also try the free Burrrn (www.burrrn.net) as it's a very handy Audio CD burner.

BTW what burner are you using as some are better than others for burning CDs?
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Re: cd player wont play burned cd's

Thanks =)

ok ill have to try free burrrn
um im not sure if you want to know what burning software im using. or if you want to know what hardware? so ill just tell you both!

Software is: Nero 6 Ultra Edition. And the cd burner is: Sony CD-RW CRX217E [CD-R/RW]
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Re: cd player wont play burned cd's

mine does that too.I think mine might be media related though.I burn right now on maxell 800 mb cd-r and it dont work.I have a imation 800 mb cd-r and plays perfect and that cd even has scratches?with the maxells Ive tried everyhting from nero to copy music files and pasting them to my dvd rw drive.nothing works and I have a few different burning programs to burn cd's and Ive tried them all same result on the maxells.
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