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Some DVD's won't read on my PC at all!

Some DVD's won't read on my PC at all!

There is a few DVD movies which I cannot see any folders or files in the DVD it show that the DVD is blank. I can even creat folder in the disk and also delete.

The strange thing is, if I put the same discs into my Home theatre at home, it works perfectly!

DVD Region+CSS Free (version does exactly the same.

The DVDs that does not work is:
Red Eye

Any ideas?
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Re: Some DVD's won't read on my PC at all!

What program are you using to view the DVD with??
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Re: Some DVD's won't read on my PC at all!

I'm having this same problem with some DVD's.

I put it in, it sits there for about 10 to 15 seconds like it's trying to read the disc, then it just stops. when I try to see the disc, it's as if there isn't any in there.

These are newer DVD's as well. Had it happen with the Scorpion King, Annapolis, and Treasure Planet, so far that I can recall.

They play fine on the stand-alone DVD player, but won't read on my PC. I have a Sony DRU510-A player, if that's any help.

Do these newer DVD's snoop your registry before they display? I notice my HDD light goes on the whole time it's trying to access the DVD. Maybe this is just normal, but I have to wonder if it's snooping my registry and deciding it doesn't like something I might have installed and refuses to be viewed...
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Re: Some DVD's won't read on my PC at all!

As your player is a dvd burner also, maybe your are facing some kind of copyright protection reaction because you are trying to read protected material.
If this is the case, it's normal that your home player can read the discs.
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Re: Some DVD's won't read on my PC at all!

I strongly suspect that even though you have paid for your laptop software and have a fully functional DVD drive, the new type of piracy protection will not allow a DVD RW+/- to play the film so that you can watch it on your laptop.

If the only reason you are paying for DVD films is to watch them on your laptop, you should get a refund.

You will now also need to pay for a standard DVD player and a TV (if you don't already have one).

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