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Cinavia will be enforced february 1 2012 and what it means to you.

Cinavia is a DRM which when a device like Blu-ray/(more to come for devices) detects the video (sources USB, Disc, DVD-video) protected with Cinavia...the video
will stop playing error code 1 (means it will stop the video in 20 seconds) or 3 (will mute the audio after 15-20 Minutes into the video.
it's basically a DRM to "reduce piracy." Most new movies that are obtained unauthorized/recorded on CAM may contain Cinavia. Specialty downloaded movies...
now of course this will be implemented in new devices such as blu-ray players (PlayStation 3 and a few already have it)...now I know what your thinking;
"I will just stick with what I have. And just boycott any future devices that support this crap." well that's fine however...
more devices that use "updates" may install this cinavia code against your knowledge...you have
heard the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." you may wanna reconsider that when installing updates.

There are rumors that DVD players will also soon join the cinavia party. which can also affect gaming consoles that require updates.
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Yeah if anyone is interested I posted some additional info on this about a week ago in this thread.


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Re: Cinavia will be enforced february 1 2012 and what it means to you.

One solution for this of course is to NEVER update your player that is known to be Cinavia free, and rip and copy every blu ray disk you buy. The regular AACS protections are updated, which is why you normally have to install new firmware anyway, but if you rip your disks, the AACS protection is removed, and thus you have no need to update your stand alone player.

The problem in the future is to make sure you don't buy anything with Cinavia already built in. None of the media players, like the Western Digital TV Live, have Cinavia, and I doubt there is any incentive to put them into such devices, since they do not include a blu ray drive.

So what they may be doing is pushing the more knowledgeable users to devices that will not have Cinavia. Home theater pc's will also be immune to Cinavia, since we have so many free software media players that are now capable of playing HD mkv and m2ts files. Even if they try to force Cinavia into PowerDVD, or Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater, we have good alternatives in existence, like Media Player Classic HomeCinema.
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Re: Cinavia will be enforced february 1 2012 and what it means to you.

Originally Posted by Macrovision3500 View Post
which can also affect gaming consoles that require updates.
Hmm, smart move, since consoles will not be able to play multiplayer without the mandatory updates.

Remind me to not ever update standalone players
"Use the force Harry!" - Gandalf
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