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after ripping a DVD with DVD decrypter, how do i compress to divx ?

sorry if this has been asked before, i'm new,
i would like to RIP a DVD to divx, but i'm not sure how
i have DVD decrypter (latest version)
i rip to VOB
then how can i convert to .avi

also, if that's not possible, what's the easiest way to rip a DVD to avi. (i have virtual dub, which is what i usually use)
thanks again
i just want one prog to do it all, or maybe 2
not like some people to have 10 progs. 3 for video, 2 for audio, etc..
thanks again
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anyone ?
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First of all, let me make a remark... It's not a good habit to post again asking why there is no answer to your question. Someone will eventually reply, unless no one knows.

Make sure you rip the DVD in IFO mode, when you want to convert the movie to DivX. Then, download GordianKnot from www.doom9.org and follow the tutorial there. I know that Doom9's guides are not that much for newbies, but believe me if you read carefully (not just browse through...), you'll learn a lot of things, which imho makes the fun after all.
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Use EasyDivX (free) or DrDivX
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Or follow one of the guides here.

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Very basic guide:

Make a dvd2avi project (d2v), create an avisynth script, run through virtualdubmod, you're done.

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