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Looking for firmware for an Acard Controller?

Hi folks,

Friend had an acard duplicator and it kept throwing out fails when burning!

I recommended he purchase new rom and writers and now its burning a disc in 20 minutes as opposed to 8 minutes before hand.

I am using an LG 22x as reader and I am using Pioneer 116's as the writers, I gather the model is ARC780-A, I cant find any information on this particular model, Im in need of some assistance.

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Re: Looking for firmware for an Acard Controller?

The problem is more likely the 22x LG since there's a riplock on there. And why would you/he use a burner as a reader?
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Re: Looking for firmware for an Acard Controller?

@ roofie,

One area to focus on is the quality of the blank Media used.

If poor quality blank Media is used can/will cause the problems your friend is having with his Duplicator. It is extremely rare instance when all Writer Drives would be defective causing writing failures but more probable that poor quality problematic blank Media the cause of the writing failures in the Writer Drivers.

Suggest to consistently obtain quality error free results only use known proven quality Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media that has an excellent proven track record to producing quality error free results.

As a rule of thumb DVD ROMs are better Readers than DVD Burners. As your Reading device suggest a LiteOn DVD ROM which are excellent ‘Readers’ and don’t have RipLock speed restrictions.

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