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HDTV-How do I hook up different componments? (Samsung LN46A550)


I hope this is the right forum. I have a 46" SamsungLNA650 that I want to hang on the wall. At present,all I have is
(1) The TV,
(2) Time Warner HD receiver Box,
(3) Panasonic regular CD/DVD Player,
(4) Panasonic VCR,
(5) I have an old Sony Prologic (non-HDMI) surround sound receiver (9 years old)
(6) Newly installed outlet for behind TV

Now I ask you, should I dump the regular CD/DVD player and get a Blue ray player AND a regular DVD Upconverter player, or is that overkill? I mean, do I really need Both? (I still want to play audio CD's and Mp3 discs) And I may also want to get a newer HDMI Surround sound too.

I will need one HDMI for the TV (in wall)
Do I need additional HDMI for the BlueRay inside the wall too? Or does everything besides the TV HDMI connect to the HD Cable box and I only have one HDMI in the wall?

If I use the old surround sound, I will need composite (or better)cables to the TV (inside walls)?

As you can see, I'm dense on these issues..Is there any sites that can explain this further? Thank you for any help.

As far as the cable themselves..1's and 0's...Is it truly neccessary to get Monster Cable? What is a safe length for inside wall...about 15"?

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Re: HDTV-How do I hook up different componments?

Hey bozoagain

I see that you have few variables going on and there can be numerous scenarios.

I don't where your budget is but I will give you one.

If you can you will want to use HDMI for connecting your components. Most newer receivers support multiple HDMI inputs so you could plug in your Time Warner HD receiver Box, Blu-Ray Player and DvD Player, etc and then have a single output to your TV. So in theory you could have your single in wall output behind where you want to mount your TV on the wall. Your should not have any issues with the cable length in the wall as long as you are not exceeding 50 feet or other means have to be taken. Monster cable is not worth it.

So basically the only really thing you will want to start with is to add a newer receiver to your setup to start with.

Here is an example of a receiver supporting multiple HDMI inputs.


Link: http://www.gspr.com/onkyo/images/txsr806_rear_300.jpg

Check this link out to get opinions on why you really don't need monster cable.

Link: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f149/expens...ap-one-239888/

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Re: HDTV-How do I hook up different componments?

You can really go for the cheaper Yamaha 663 unless you want to play loud :-)
The 806 actually seems worse than the 805 in the audio area :/
As for cabling, you dont really need to go the monster cable route but getting Surpa or something "decent" at least improves signal quality on ~5 meters or longer.
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