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Blu Ray and HDDVD media testing

I wonder, when Blu Ray and or HDDVD are mainstream and many users have writers for these formats, if the "quality scanning" subject of such media should be treated differently than it has been for DVD format.

It's become an increasingly apparent lately that people have been treating it the wrong way, don't understand it, and are ignoring the basic fundamental true test of readability - the TRT.

I've actually witnessed some users say that they would RMA a drive because it's burning media poorly @ certain speeds, based off their scans, without thinking things through properly. Then receiving a new drive that exhibits the same problems - due to high burns speeds and or lower quality batches of media.

It's become a real issue when people are taking it so seriously that they are returning drives and media based of these measurements that aren't even proven to be in any way whatsoever a report of errors on the actual disc. It's just the drives interaction with the disc.

Should anything be done to prevent the same issues coming up with the new formats of media? Should we go back to TRT for the time being as there's probably going to be more error measurements for the new formats, which will only cause more confusion.

Do any of the reviewers @ cdfreaks know if Cdfreaks will be including error measurements done by home based drives in the future or will they buy a professional scanner instead?

One advantage of the professional scanner is that the people @ home cannot replicate it.

What's your opinions? Bring on scanning for the new media, or introduce it differently to minimize confusion, or advise people to rely more on TRT instead?
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