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InCD troubleshooting under Win2K

Although I'm not running W2K (98SE and XP Pro only), I've compiled a mini-guide on troubleshooting InCD problems under W2K, based on input from other users.

This guide (given below) may help some users until Ahead updates their FAQs and Help files (hopefully in Jan. '03).

In most cases recent versions of InCD should work if you use media matched to your burner with recent firmware, and your OS is reasonably clean (without drivers installed by other burning programs that conflict with InCD).

Thus, before blaming InCD itself, you should test other factors carefully, and this may take a long time. If you want help from other forum members, follow the steps below and report as many details as possible. A bad (but frequent) example is where a user reports InCD problems after testing a single disc supplied with a new burner.

I intend to update this guide periodically. Hence I'll welcome comments, suggestions and especially reports of success stories. However, please refrain from posting messages such as "It didn't work for me" here; if you need help, start or join another thread. Simply speaking, if several users wanted to troubleshoot their individual problems in the same thread, this would only result in total confusion.

Finally, here is the mini-guide itself.

---Steps for Troubleshooting InCD Problems under Windows 2000---

S1. Upgrade the firmware of your burner to the latest version from your vendor's or original manufacturer's website. Frequently new firmware will enable your burner to accept more media.

S2. Check your vendor's website for recommended CD-RW media. Search the Web (Google) for reviews of your burner and users' experiences with different media at www.cdfreaks.com, www.cdrinfo.com and www.cdrlabs.com. You may expect problems: 24x re-writers are fairly new and probably not tested much on older media, whereas 24x and even 16x media are hardly available.

S3. Get at least a couple of 4x, 4x-10x or 4x-12x CD-RW discs from several better known vendors (see (S2) above). Note that old 4x re-writers usually won't work with High Speed or Ultra High Speed media. Unfortunately InCD no longer allows you to control rewriting speeds. However, if InCD works with 4x discs on your box, this usually indicates that there are no software driver conflicts.

You can check which speeds are listed for your media in Nero itself (for a blank CD-RW), and in Nero CD Speed and InfoTool. BTW, the latest version of Nero usually installs quite recent versions of CD Speed and InfoTool, which are highly useful for troubleshooting InCD; the latest versions may be downloaded from www.cdspeed2000.com.

S4. If you wish to re-use a disc (e.g., because it failed in your experiments, or was formatted by earlier versions of InCD, DirectCD, etc), don't try to save time by using any quick formatting or quick erase options; always do Full Erase in Nero| Recorder| EraseReWritable.

S5. If InCD fails to mount a formatted disc, run CD Speed Scandisc to see if there are bad sectors, especially initial ones.

S6. Before upgrading to the latest version of InCD from www.ahead.de, remove the previous version via Control Panel| Add/Remove Programs and reboot. Since InCD uninstalls cleanly, there is little danger in version switching. Note, however, that InCD 3.37 has the infamous rename bug, and InCD 3.51.61 sometimes fails to handle discs formatted with earlier versions (mostly CD-MRW discs, so back them up).

S7. Download the InCD manual from Ahead; although outdated, it gives general ideas about InCD. The help in InCD 3.51.61 doesn't work at all, and C:\Program Files\ahead\InCD\InCD.hlp is difficult to use and outdated. In particular, the final format OK message has disappeared in recent versions, which give only the InCD mounted message.

S8. Before formatting with InCD, make sure there are no "heavy" programs running in the background. Also before writing to InCD formatted discs, it may be wise to disable virus scanners, etc.

S9. If your burner supports CD-MRW (Mt. Rainier) formatting, experiment with it separately from the standard CD-RW (UDF 1.50) formatting. It may happen that your combination of burner/media/software will work only with one of these formats.

S10. Sometimes InCD works only with Autorun off (as reported by Nero InfoTool). To get Autorun off, either use Notepad to create a file called autorun0.reg that contains the following four lines



and run it by double clicking on autorun0.reg in Explorer, or edit the registry. (If you replace the final 0 by 1, you'll get Autorun on.)

S11. Expect trouble if, before installing InCD, you ran other packet writers (e.g., Roxio's DirectCD), UDF readers (again Roxio's UDFReader) or burning plugins installed "silently" by other applications (e.g., Windows Media Player, WinAmp, RealPlayer, etc). Such applications typically install drivers conficting with InCD, which are not removed even if you remove the application itself. Since I've never installed such software, I can't identify all possible culprits, but you should look for files named as Cd*.sys, Cd*.dll, Ud*.sys, Ud*.dll. Here are listings from a user running W2K SP3:

dir C:\Winnt\System32\Drivers\cd*.*
07/26/2000 19,080 cdaudio.sys
07/22/2002 61,104 cdfs.sys
07/22/2002 27,952 cdrom.sys

dir C:\Winnt\System32\Drivers\ud*.*
07/22/2002 62,672 udfs.sys

dir C:\Winnt\System32\cd*.*
08/29/2002 142,336 cdfview.dll
09/18/2001 118,872 cdm.dll
10/03/1998 703,760 cdo.dll
07/22/2002 402,704 cdont.dll
07/22/2002 2,524,944 cdosys.dll
07/26/2000 337,680 cdplayer.exe

dir C:\WinNT\System32\ud*.*
No Files

For comparable listings, run these dir commands in a cmd window (Start| Run| cmd). If you see other SYS or DLL files on your box, try renaming their .SYS extensions to .SY_ and .DLL to .DL_, and reboot; you may also need to remove the registry settings for these files.

For example, you may see UdfReadr.sys (if you used DirectCD or tried reading a DirectCD disc on your box), or Cdr4_2k.sys, Cdralw2k.sys, Cdral.dll and Cdrtc.dll installed by the Adaptec/Roxio burning plugin of Windows Media Player (WMP) 7.0, 7.1 or 9.0. If you can't remove UDF Reader or this WMP's component via Add/Remove Programs, rename these files; to clean the registry, either use Notepad to create a file called cdclean.reg that contains the following seven lines





and run it by double clicking on cdclean.reg in Explorer, or edit the registry. For other (better) ways of removing Adaptec's plugin, and preventing it from being (re)installed by WMP, see



The second link shows how to get Nero Clean tool, which may obviate the need for manual removal of conficting drivers.

S12. Check what Nero InfoTool says about your ASPI layers; see, e.g.,


for basic information about ASPI. Apparently Nero and InCD don't need special ASPI, but you may be in trouble if other burning programs required installation of special ASPI layers. Many users reported problems with the latest Adaptec's ASPI (4.7x), and frequently they had to use ForceASPI to revert to version 4.6.
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