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How to slow down write speed?


I have an external I/O Magic 16X DVD Dual Burner. I hear that CD or DVD burned with slow speed can be more durable. With Audio CD, slow speed burning can give better sound.
I tried several software like Nero and Sonic RecordNow but the speed always 8X up although my CD is 1-52X compatible. With EAC (exact audio copy), the speed is always 16X and up.
Does anyone now how to slow down CD writing speed to 4X, even 1X?

Best regards
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Re: How to slow down write speed?

Welcome to the forum

Not always burning at a slower speed improve the burning quality. However, the burning speed is not determined by the burning software, but by the drive firmware, and can't be changed.

If you want to burn slowly, simply select the lowest speed available

The most important thing, however, is to always use good quality media.
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Re: How to slow down write speed?

Welcome to CD Freaks Truong.

The generally recommended burning speed here for Audio CDs is 16x so stick to that.

If you've a good burner & use quality CD-R media (Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden) then everything should be fine.

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Re: How to slow down write speed?

I have some DVD+R disks, which turened out to be low quality. The only speed they allow is 4x, but most fail when written on this speed. I tried Nero 7 and Ulead Disk Creator 3. The latter allows 6x in addition to 4x, but not lower than 4x. I would really like to try slower speeds before throwing out the whole bunch. The data value is not that important, if a file or two fail eventually, it does not matter. Neither writing speed does matter - I am fine even with 1x.
What burning software allows a user override a speed set by a disk itself? Maybe there is a hack for Nero or Ulead breaking their strict following of DVD metadata?
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Re: How to slow down write speed?

Hi Truong and pashav, welcome to CDFreaks!

@pashav: No software can force a drive to write at a speed that the firmware and hardware in the drive don't support. It's that simple.

The best thing you can achieve is software that lets you select all the supported burn speed instead of only some (or no choices at all).

@Truong: I second the recommendations by geno888 and TimC. Use quality media such as e.g. Taiyo Yuden and burn at 16x. That will almost always give you the best result obtainable with your burner.
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