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Help!!! copy to DVD says 4.38 wont fit on a 4.7 gig disc

Well I gave up on dvDx copy platinum

(the headaches that gave me &

IFO edit wouldnt work either) .

& tried a Dvd decrypter , Dvd2one

& copy DvD combo

I want the entire movie intact on 1 disc

(as why I tried DvDx copy platinum till

my head hurt) .

& Tutorials all say this is possible.

All goes smooth until copy2DvD

goes to burn the DvD

There i`m told the file is over 4.37

Gigs (it`s 4.47) , & wont fit on disc

which is 4.7 gig memorex DVD-R

Do I want to continue burning

& even if I set copy dvd to required size

& continue anyhow , another error

message pops up saying I need @

least 4.48 gigs of disc space

& it wont fit on my media (memorex

DVD-R , 4.7 gigs in size) .

I`m banging my head on the monitor

by now . What gives here .

Please give some much needed &

appreciated advice

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DVD capacities are usually given in billions of bytes, such as 4.7 billion bytes for a recordable disc. Computer files are measured in gigabytes. Unfortunately, both types of measurements are often labeled as "GB." So a 4.5-GB file (4.5 gigabytes) from a computer will not fit on a 4.7-GB disc (4.7 billion bytes), since the file contains 4.8 billion bytes.
The Computer sees 1GB as 1,073,741,824 bytes.
The disc manufactures see 1GB as 1,000,000,000 bytes.
So a 4.7GB DVD disc holds 4,700,000,000 bytes.
That divided by 1,073,714,824 (a real GB).
=4.37GB of real data storage.
You will need to shrink the file size to 4.37GB or less.
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Thanx I`ll try that

But I set DvD2one well below

calculated #`s . Can DvD20ne be the

problem & the much touted DvD shrink

be better with calculations , & does it

allow entire DvD , menus/extras to

be kept intact ?

Cheers -
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Hi smackjack,

Yes DVD Shrink works well, and you can do the main movie only or the entire DVD or you can even do the movie with some extras of your choice.

I have never had the outputted files from DVD Shrink go oversize on me either.

Just be sure to do the deep analysis option if the movie is going to be compressed by dvd shrink some movies don't need to be compressed at all and these you don't need to do the deep analysis on them.

Good Luck hope this helps a little.
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Good news mates :)- please read

Fanx 4 all your advice

shrink did it -

I`m not overly pleased with the quality

But it`s well enough . I copied entire

DvD intact , so I lost some quality

I just had a bright idea that may work ,

so I`ll ask here it it may work

Can I copy main movie uncompressed

to one disc , & go back to those

(DvD decrypted) files in shrink another

time & choose only the extras .

I did this once in DvDxcopy platinum ,

uncompressed the quality was

awesome , but on extras disc

everything was all over the place ,

I had credits & end splash screen ,

& lots of copyright stuff normally @ end

@ beginning & throughout the disc

But all was there , & it looked bang on

to original DvD , but ya can imagine

it was a pain to sort through .

Platinum , after 1 week of errors ,

finally did 1/2 a split DvD for me , but

didnt load 2nd portion .

Can I do as I asked , & have control

over how it all copies to disc , in logical

order . As ya know all that menu can

be confusing , & easiest is just to

compress & take it all . But I dont mind

using 2 DvDr`s if I can do as I asked.

If I can how may all this look/work

out in the program ? The guide has

no instructions on such .

Cheers -
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Have a look here>> http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/mpg...ink31-main.htm

hopefully you'll find some usefull information.


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