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DVD Video vs DVD ROM

Is there something I need to do in the API to specify DVD video instead of DVD ROM, or do I just add the files and specify MEDIA_DVD_ANY to NeroBurn?

It's too early to say this conclusively, but so far anything burnt via the API doesn't play in my home DVD player, but does on my PC (I have burnt stuff using Nero with the same batch of disks and had it work in my home player). Also if I burn an image via the API I get a different file size than if I burn the same files using Nero, which makes me think it's not doing the same thing.

Can anyone help?
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Re: DVD Video vs DVD ROM

Software versions?


Firmware Version?


Home DVD Player?

Any Other Details?

That INFO will help, and is pretty much standard in order to troubleshoot.
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Re: DVD Video vs DVD ROM

I'm using Nero Burner is Pioneer DVD-R/RW DVD105, firmware version 1.30. All under Win2K. My home player is a crappy old Wharfedale 750S.

If I burn things in Nero itself it works, if I use the API it doesn't, and if I burn to an image recorder the one from Nero and the one from the SDK come out different sizes. This tells me the SDK isn't doing the same thing that Nero is, which might explain why it won't work in my player (or may be a red herring). Are there any examples of using the SDK to burn video DVD?

This is what I'm doing:

m_NeroFiles.nwfscMediaType = MEDIA_DVD_ANY;
int iRes;
iRes = NeroBurn(ndhDeviceHandle, NERO_FILE_SYSTEM_CONTAINER_MEDIA, &m_NeroFiles, dwFlags, dwSpeed, &m_NeroProgress);
} catch (...) {
return false;
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Re: DVD Video vs DVD ROM

You need at least nero version 6

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Re: DVD Video vs DVD ROM

It's a bit poor that Nero 5.5 writes DVD video, and the API which uses it appears to work, but it just doesn't.

Tried v6, and it does seem to work now. Only issue is since changing over, the DVDs I've made won't work in my PC DVD-R drive, but do work on the DVD-ROM drive (and my standalone DVD player).

I think part of the problem I had was setting the wrong flags. This what I have now...


Is that correct? I've no idea what the realloc thing does, but watching the log in Nero that was one of the steps. And I didn't think the Joliet flag was an issue, but it seems to be on by default in Nero.
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