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Cannot read burnt dvd iso in same burner it was made.

I have burnt a couple of dvd iso disks using nero 6 and MSI 16x dvd burner,but for some strange reason the burner i used cannot read the disks that were burnt using it,if i put the same disks in other burners they read perfectly,other than this the burner works perfectly.
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Re: Cannot read burnt dvd iso in same burner it was made.

Bad drive? Shut down all other applications running in the background and recheck.
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Re: Cannot read burnt dvd iso in same burner it was made.

You may have a bad drive or that drive may need a firmware update. Check the drive maker's web site for firmware updates.


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Re: Cannot read burnt dvd iso in same burner it was made.

Sounds like you are in Windows XP SP 1 or SP 2. ?

Obviously the CD readers and burners get the dry brush CD cleaner CD run on them at least every 3 month. It's surprising what a little humidity and dust will do to a lens if it has not been used for a while.

Then there is the case scenario where XP refuses to unload applications correctly when closed or does not unload the .dll's associated with these applications and also does not clear the Cache or temp files it uses and subsequently repeats the same error or makes the same mistake while in the current User Session. Try a Re-Boot to fix these bugs.

Other problem I have found, is that some DVD CD's will burn OK but not read and visa versa on a lot of DVD-RW's, which appears to be 80% of our DVD media related problems such as the one you have.

Also check the ISO size -V- the burn (overburn) size options.

Most definitely as suggested by "DBady" Check for firmware update - and make sure you get the correct firmware update for YOUR drive (Model No. etc) use the wrong one, and the drive is "KAPUT"

Have fun and if you must burn, don't use matches, use Nero instead.
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