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burning .vob files to DVD-RW in Nero

Hi there,

I have a problem Im hoping someone can solve. It basically involves my NEC 4550A drive and using Nero Burning Rom. Ive had excellent results burning dvd files .vob files etc to DVD-R and DVD+R without any problems.

However Im trying to burn some .vob files to a DVD-RW using Nero Burning Rom (DVD Video option) and I am unable to not finalise the disc. I dont want to finalise the disc so that obviously I can re-use it however Nero Burning Rom does not give me this option instead it is greyed out!

My problem is how can I burn .vob files to DVD-RW in Nero without finalising the disc? Is this even possible or am I only able to burn to DVD-R/DVD-RW unless its data?

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, ive googled and tried in vain searching for info regarding this problem. The DVD-RWs are Maxell 2x speed.

Im using Nero 7.0

Thank you.
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Re: burning .vob files to DVD-RW in Nero

So what if it's finalised? It's rewritable so will be erased the next time you burn to it.

If you don't want a video but are just saving the vobs for later then a data disc will do fine.
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Re: burning .vob files to DVD-RW in Nero

Oh really? I always thought if I finalise the disc then I would not be able to erase?

If finalising the DVD-RW allows me to still use the disc then I guess my problem is solved. Ill try it out and get back if I have any problems!

Thank you!
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