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Why do DVDs skip o stop when playin?

hey ppl, i have a movie that i burned that skips sometimes and others it stops. why does this happen? this is no only with burned DVDs but with originals too. Is there a way to fix this?

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Re: Why do DVDs skip o stop when playin?

Are you playing them all in the same player? If it was only the burned DVD's I would say that you have an incompatible player or bad copies but since it is the originals too I would think that your player may be going bad.
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Re: Why do DVDs skip o stop when playin?

Did the DVD player used to play original DVDs without skipping? If so, then maybe your laser is getting dirty. You might try blowing the dust off the laser with compressed air.

I've used the cleaning DVDs but I've heard they can scratch the laser so it is safer to use compressed air if you can.

Good luck.
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Re: Why do DVDs skip o stop when playin?

Any heavy smokers in the house? As the above post says....just the burned.....We'd lean crap blanks......is the set top an older unit?
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Re: Why do DVDs skip o stop when playin?

@original post which DVD Player do you have and how long have you had it?
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