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What is the largest volume CD-R?

Is the 700Mb / 80 min CD-R disc as large as it comes? Seems like I heard somewhere about a 99 minute disc (Unsure of the MB). If such a disc exsists, does it require a special writer (I have a Lite-On 32123s) or special software? Can anyone recommend a brand of media for best results. I want to use this for non 1:1 use (data, etc...)
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Yes, there are 90 and even 99 min disks. Your Lite-on can write them entirely, but according to some of our experts these discs are rather crappy. To burn them you need to enable overburn in your burn program e.g. Nero. Check out the CD-R(W) Media forum and give it a try I'd say.
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And the price for 99min discs is rediculous.

A 99min CD-R with 870 MB is about 0,80€ or even more, while a high quality DVD-R with 4489 MB is about 4€
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Yes, Lite-Ons can burn till 99 mins.
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