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What format to use for older car CD players?


Car CD player is pretty old, and when I burn a CD on this new computer-it will not play in the car. However, on my old computer when I burned a CD it would play in the car cd player. I am using the exact same set of CDs to burn with as well.

I was wondering if maybe the older software (old version of roxio) I had automatically created the CDs in an older and/or different format than newer software (nero 6) does.

If so, what is he older format that I need to be burning these CDs in?

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me out!
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Re: What format to use for older car CD players?

Just make sure whatever software you are burning with, that you choose "audio CD" and it should work. It might be the burn speed, you could try to slow it down, but I doubt that is it. This is kinda of a strange problem, usually these types of issues are related to media and their quality. I never had good luck with CD-RW's (just in case that is what you are using) and I would not put a label on them either. Good luck
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Re: What format to use for older car CD players?

You could try Burrrn (www.burrrn.net). It's free , converts many formats to Audio CD on the fly and is simple to use.

Also try slowing the burn speed down to 16x as this sometimes helps.

Also I've found that my car player is very finicky about the media I use. So far only Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO have worked for me.
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